Happy Inktober

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For the third year in a row, I’m taking part in #Inktober. The month-long challenge with daily prompts to draw.

I really enjoy the challenge and seeing how other people attempt the challenge. At the same time, I love exploring the creative constraints.

Last year, I decided to use procreate and try to think of expressions and creative interpretations of the prompts. e.g. Tasty became the big kahuna burger logo because according to Jules “That’s one tasty burger”.

This year, I revisited the simplicity of black ink and using my pentel brush pen.

Perhaps being more creative with my constraints would have been nice, but I didn’t feel like I had the time during this difficult period (it’s not been easy in the Wilson household recently).

I both love challenges like this, but also often get caught in the guilt surrounding them when I miss a day or don’t feel like my attempt it good. If you can relate, then it’s worth focusing on the reason for taking part. For me, It’s not about creating every day, but creating more. So if I don’t stick to the letter of the law, that’s okay.

Against the Rules Season 2

Last year I listened to Against the Rules season 1. The premise was about the role of referees in American life and how that has changed. It was fascinating and I could certainly see parallels in the UK (even in simple examples such as VAR in football/soccer). I missed the release of Season 2 but just discovered it. This time it looks at the role of coaches.

Listen to the podcast

Nat Elisson’s Blog and Book Summaries

In a perfect example of the Baader-Meinhof phenomenon, I’ve seen Nat’s name come up a few times recently and most have mentioned his published book summary notes. So I thought I’d share them with you. I’m really intrigued by the book Crony beliefs that he mentions.

Explore Nat's blog

Fulfilled > comfort

I discovered Matti’s YouTube channel while investigating some camera options (I’m selling my old cameras and using that money to get a new camera as my style of photography and needs have changed since I got mine five years ago). I love how Matti manages to weave this theme of choosing to do the difficult thing and how that is more rewarding than seeking comfort.

It’s a major theme in “The Obstacle is the way” which is my commute book at the moment (yeah, I haven’t had a lot of opportunities to read it recently).

When I lived in Spain, I remember getting to the end of the week and feeling exhausted. All I wanted to do was chill at home. But I knew that going out with my Spanish friends (who didn’t speak English) would make me happier all week even if I felt shattered the next day.

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