Follow your curiosity

Learn Create Share 28: Jazz Lettering and Bullet Journalling.

This week I published an article on the best way to save twitter threads to Evernote. It all started as I wanted to solve my own problem of saving some interesting Tweetstorms without any distracting parts.

As I started to investigate, I took notes to guide my thoughts and soon enough I was googling different tools, visiting product hunt and alternativeto to discover some other options and saving the same thread again and again.

Perhaps this wasn’t the best use of my time, but it was interesting. My curiosity was satisfied through this exploration and turning it into an article also lead me to find a cool new WordPress plugin that adds a table of content to an article.

Oh the places you’ll go…

Your curiosity can certainly get you in trouble, but the journey will be unforgettable. You never know where you might end up.

Let your curiosity take you for a trip this week.

Creative Challenge: Use a different tool

We can get caught up in using the same old tools week in and week out. Stretching ourselves with an unfamiliar tool can make us look at situations differently. Sometimes we’ll appreciate our normal tools more, sometimes we’ll discover a way to add this other tool to our kit list, and sometimes we look at a problem differently and see something that was always in front of us.  

A pro tip: If your tools are expensive like camera gear, you can always rent an item.

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The Links

Jazz Musician Lettering

I love this lettering collection of different Jazz musicians. The artist did a great job of making each persons name reflect their style or associated look.

See the lettering

An overview of the Bullet Journal Method

This week I, finally, finished reading the Bullet Journal Method by Ryder Carroll. Although you can learn the basics of the system in the under-5-minute video above, the book takes you through how this might look in your life and the reasons why you might want to adopt these approaches.

Philosophically, Bullet Jorunalling is about being very intentional and reflective over your activities. By having to rewrite and transfer your tasks, you give yourself the opportunity to ask “Do I really need or want to do that".”

I’ve used a bullet-journal like system for myself in the past and I’ve just ordered a new notebook to test out how it fits in my life. I’m really intrigued about the interplay between analog and digital tools that I can strike.

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